Live trading data and bids/offers displayed on ICAP proprietary systems

Live trading data, indicative data and analysis via ICAP proprietary systems

Transaction-based indices, indicative and trading data distributed via third party data vendors

Market participants access live and historic trading and indicative data to inform their trading decisions and assess market levels and activity.

ICAP displays live and indicative data and provides price transparency to users of its systems by aggregating bids and offers and indications of trading interest. ICAP sells real-time and historical data, direct and via data vendors and provides market commentary.

Electronic platforms


ICAP provides market participants with the ability to trade on a purely electronic basis, typically in the most liquid assets, with direct access to ICAP's matching engines and central 'order book'.

For less liquid or 'episodic' markets, participants can trade via one of ICAP's electronic systems and/or speak with an ICAP broker who will identify trading interest and availability from among other market participants.

ICAP also acts as an executing broker for exchange products.

links to:

ICAP has created links from its electronic broking and post trade systems to clearing houses, customer risk and position keeping systems and settlement venues. It also provides services to clearing house members and clearing houses and trade repositories/depositories themselves.

Management and netting of high velocity market transaction details

Systemised mitigation of customer risks by identifying and removing:

Reconciliation of transactions to allow accurate reporting to regulators and clearing houses

The Traiana service automates links from any high speed execution system, not just ICAP’s. It also operates the netting service on behalf of CLS Bank, the world’s FX settlement system.

ICAP also operates a series of services through TriOptima, Reset and ReMatch that enable users of derivatives and bonds to mitigate unwanted risks in their trading portfolios. TriOptima allows trading counterparties and trade repositories to reconcile trade details to ensure accurate calculation of risk.